Origin of name CRICKX

CRECKEL, it is a locust, known as also Flemish KRIEK. From where, we can think that CRICKX, with its various old spellings KRIEK, KRICK, KRIECKX, means "those which come from Crekelstrate, or Creckeldries, "X" being a genitive of membership. Pure assumption, of course, but plausible !

Church "N.D. de la Chapelle", initially modest oratory founded in 1134 with the profit of the tisserands, fullers and shearers, that were growing a lot in this district, quickly became the center of a populous district of workmen, mainly for the clothier industry. In 1306, following the riots opposing the poor people to the patricians of noblelineage of Brussels, "it was stipulated by the triumphing reaction that with the bell of the evening, any craftsman was to leave at once the walled enclosure and to withdraw itself in its districts. This measurement particularly aimed the stirring up population of the tisserands and the fullers, most powerful by the number.