Our first ancestors


The oldest reliable ancestors of the CRICKX family lived in the "La Chapelle" district about 1590. In addition to Guillaume and Elisabeth, married in the "Notre Dame de la Chapelle" church on November 27, 1593, there are other couples named CRICKX. It is possible to attach them the ones to the others, but filiation is not sure, being only made with the father, quite often without the name of the mother. We based ourselves on the godfathers and godmothers, and thus attached together Guillaume, Henri, Guillemine, Anne, Martin and Catherine, and it is made that the dates are completely possible like children of a couple Martin CRICKX and Guillemine.

Marriage of Willem (= Guillaume) CRICKX with Elisabeth Vander Elst (of Ste Gudule) 27/11/1593 with "N.D. de la Chapelle".

Children baptized in "N.Dame de la Chapelle":

We do not have then any more baptisms of this couple in this Vault, but we find Guillaume and Elisabeth with new Saint-Gilles births: Marie, 23/5/1604, George, 01/10/1606, Elisabeth, 07/03/1610. Then no more birth of CRICKX with Saint Gilles until 1627, when Josse has its first child with Anne Distidon. Jerome will marry Jeanne Puys and will have its first child in 1629. Josse and Jerome will be the only ones to have children CRICKX between 1627 and 1638 with St Gilles.

The CRICKX which will be born then in St Gilles will be grandchildren of these two couples, from 1659 of Corneille, son of Josse and Anna Distidon, and from Pétronille De Cabelliau.

A large part of CRICKX will settle and remain in Saint Gilles. They will be farmers, gardeners... Landowners, part of their grounds will be taken by the state about 1880 to build social housing there, and the commune will give to this new street the name of "CRICKX street". Others will spread a little everywhere, millers in Vilvorde or elsewhere.