Translation of an act of 1755 signing an agreement between the millers and the bakers of the Brabant

(page 1) This day, June 21, 1755, in front of me, undersigned Notary, admitted with the Sovereign Council of His Majesty of the Brabant. resident in Brussels, and the witnesses named hereafter appeared, on the one hand, Sirs Pierre Berckmans, Jean Baptiste Weets, Pierre Speltinckx and Jean Pasteels, seniors according to the Trade of the Millers, and also, Sirs André Segers, ex-Mayor of the Nations and Treasurer of this city, and Guillaume Servaes, Commissioners of Elders, and also, Sirs Daniel van Bracum and François De Coninck, Commisioners of the "supposten", aforesaid Trade of the Millers, and on the other hand Sirs Michel Ories, Henri Van Duffel, Guillaume Waersegers and Jacques Meeus, seniors according to the Trade of the Bakers, and also Sirs Josse Nielens and Henri Beyere, Commissioners of Elders, moreover, Sirs Luc François Maillard, Pierre Cuerens, Bernard Maurissens, Jacques Coosemans and Jean van de Cauter,

(page 2) Commisioners of the "supposten", the above mentioned trade of the Bakers. Comparing above mentioned declare that by the pact of this day, passed by front of me, undersigned notary, and following the authorization of the two Trades decided by Camerale resolution of 19 and 20 this months, an agreement on their interminable and very expensive procedures, on their other future questions and the disagreements which exist between the two Trades since many years finally fell. For the startup of this agreement between the parts of the conditions had been discussed and formulated: those of the Trade of the Millers, are they Masters or Widows of Masters, acting for the Trade or their private account, will be able never again, in the future, to accept nor to take with farm the cooking taxable quota, they will not be able any more to have the least association or catch of interest; of that no mention in the aforesaid agreement is made.

(page 3) So is it that the above-mentioned comparing first, authorized and carrying full powerss, as stipulated in the fiscal resolutions of the 19 of this month, declare, as they make by present, than the so Masters ones or Widows of Masters acting for the Trade or for them on a purely private basis, in times to come, still took with farm the two impositions of the taxable quota of cooking, as before they made, or than in the same leasing they would take or have some, - even the least - association or interest, with some title or under some pretext that it is. Directly or indirectly, even if they would not follow any more their occupation or would have given up it, it will be always allowed those of the Trade of the Bakers to claim for them this leasing and to accept it in 'naederschap' so that such a farmer or such farmers or unspecified interested of the Trade of the Millers

(page 4) will have to allow the same right or the same leasings with the same conditions those of the Trade of the Bakers In the interval of twice the twenty four hours, after to them on behalf of the Trade of the comparing second verbal opinion clearly and precis will have been communicated by way of Notary, and who then made follow to those of the Trade of the Bakers. The result or the absence of that will make improve with the Trade of the second comparing as much as at the end of the tenant farming it will appear that this farmer or these farmers or those of the Trade of the Millers who are interested there from of will have benefitted. Of that the comparing first offered the same thing to the second comparing, which accept, in favour of the Trade of the Bakers. They also promise to provide the aggregation and the approval of all the Masters and Widows of Master, that is to say salesmen of flour, millers or conveyors currently accepted in above-mentioned Trade of the Millers.

(page5) If some of the Masters Millers or the Widows of Masters do not want to accept the aggregation and approval, and do not want to make what is written above, these same Masters Millers or Widows will lose the advantage of being able to make and sell all kinds of sifted flours and wholewheat flour, which is granted to them by the above-mentioned contract of agreement: it will be, in their head, like if the same agreement never be made. Thus the Trade of the comparing first will be able to act with load of such person or such people in right as good will seem to him. All that the aforesaid comparing first promise to hold it inviolablement and forever. To this end, they give up all recissions, changes and other benefit and assistances of right: by this precedent they want to help those which will come after them and which will live similar cases.

(page 6) Moreover, by the present one they want to constitute in an irrevocable way N... N... and all carriers of present to go and appear with the Sovereign Council of the Brabant in front of the aldermen of this town of Brussels and of to perfect everywhere else exactly what misses and to continue and to achieve all that is contained in the present one and to let voluntarily condemn, with the expenses. Promising and engaging etc... Thus made and passed in Brussels the month day and year that above, in the presence of Sirs Henrî Van Baerlem, Jean François Peyaerts and Pierre Joseph van den Berghe like witnesses with this necessary and called. The minute of present at which a stamp of nine grounds is fixed was signed by aforesaid comparing and pilot jointly with me, undersigned Notaire.

And below was ' Quod attestor ", and signed G.J.B. Waersegers, Not.

(translated from means-Dutch by Louis GOEMAN)

After preliminary reading of above the agreement, the undersigned declares that on all that is there with conditions and clauses y contained, it gives its assent and confirms that it is such as that occurred between the two Trades. And it signed promising to want to conform to it in times to come, ' Actum C handle "and was signed F Herinckx. Low was than this was collated with the original act. Was written under over the original minute of the above mentioned contract 'is found approved""quod attestor", and was signed G.J.B. Waersegers Nots.

The Ouders undersigneds and suppostes of the Trade of the Millers of this town of Brussels after having had reading of above the contract as well as original contract taken again with the respective approvals of the Aldermen of this city like the Sovereign Council of the Brabant dealing with that and who followed respectively on the 23, June and 30 1755, signed first P.W. of Graye, and the initialed second Schoc. vt, signed F.J. Mostinck and sealed Secret Seal of Its Majesty printed in covered red paper host declare there the two contracts same in all their points, clauses and conditions, which they agree and which they approve, promising to conform to it in times to come. Actum July 5, 1755. Were signed H. Van Baerlem, Maximilien de Kerckheer, Jean François Speltincx, Adrien Speltincx, Pierre van Dievoet, Jean Baptiste van der Elst, Josse Van der Stappen, Ferdinand De Greeff, Jean Michiels, Josse Smets, P. Orts, François De Coninck, G Speltincx, Henri de Leeneer, G Van Campenhout, Jean Josse Herinckx, Ignace Wets, François Joseph Verheylewegen. M. P. The Page, Guillaume Van Boxom, C.Crickx, Daniel van Bracum, Josse Steens, François Panneels, J.B. Van Campenhout, P. Verspreeuven, Jean François Van Campenhout. I L Van Schelle, down there one of a small cross close "This was is the manual mark of Philippe Jacques Van Campenhout". Item, in the form of a cross close which was: "This is the manual mark of Jean Bogaerts", Jacques Verspreeuwen, Hendrick Molens, Michel Van Erom, with the shape of a cross close which was: ' This is the manual mark of Guillaume Van der Borght, Josse Joseph de Mesmaecker, J.B. Vanderschueren, H. Van der Borght, with the shape of a cross close which was; ' This is the manual mark of Jacques Van der Borght, Jean Baptiste Moerenaet, Martinus De Vleeschouder, Gille De Coster, Jean François Ots, Marie Ceulemans, widow of Guillaume Fonteyn, with the shape of a cross close which "This was is the manual sign of Henri Van der Borght", Antoine Vander Meersschen, Bartholomeus van der Stappen, with the shape of a cross close to laquelles was: ' This is the manual mark of Philippe Mesmaecker ", the widow of P. Berckmans, Jean Orts the Elder one. Item with the shape of a cross close which was marked: "This is the manual mark of Michel Vandersanden". Gille Van der Borght, Jean Crickx, A Olbrechts, Jean Orts, Guillaume Clerens, François Ceulemans, Thomas Stockmans, with the shape of a cross close which was: "This is the manual mark of Puttaert Crow". Item with the shape of a cross close which was; "This is the manual mark of Jeanne Marie Herinckx. widow of Philippe Van Nerom ", and in the shape of a cross close "This was is the manual mark of Marie Condries, widow of Denis Bogaerts", and in the shape of a cross close which was: "This is the manual mark of Henri de Baeser, Jean Vander Meulen, Catherine Bogaert the Lievens widow, Jacques Maras,. (?)., Jean Vander Stappen, the widow Candries, Jean Baptiste Berckmans, in the name of my mother the widow of Jean Baptiste Berckmans, Corneille Segers and Martin Dalhese.

Collata concordat cum suo originale quod attestor. G.J.B. Waersegers Nots.

(translated from means-Dutch by Louis GOEMAN)

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